Snickers & Oreo Protein Pie Recipe


1. Vanilla or Chocolate protein (depends on how chocolaty you want it) – 1 cup
2. chocolate Jell-O Sugar-Free Fat-Free INSTANT pudding mix – 1oz package
3. non-fat milk – 2 cups
4. Oreo pie crust
5. chocolate syrup – 2 tablespoons
6. Non-Fat Sugar-Free Whip Cream – 1/2 cup


1. Mix (protein & pudding mix)
2. add 2 cups of cold milk
3. mix 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup
4. add this mixture into the Oreo pie crust
5. cover with whip cream
6. drizzle caramel syrup over top (optional)
7. chill for one hour


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