Primed & Ready Meals

Primed & Ready Meals is the easiest, cheapest and most convienent meal prep company in the area! Oh, and did I say the most delicious?
Owned and operated by Bobby Farland, to serve anyone from the average joe to the high class athlete. Whatever your fitness goals are, Bobby Farland knows exactly how to take your diet from “ok” to right on point!

Now, what makes Primed & Ready Meals the easiest meal prep company to work with? That’s SIMPLE. All YOU have to do is send in your next weeks order on Friday, then you pick which day you would like your food to be delivered. You may chose from the next Tuesday or Friday. Then BAM, on the day of your choice, your food is delivered right to your door! Tell how much easier that could get?

Many food prep companies charge an arm and a leg for a week of meals… But with Primed & Ready Meals, almost anyone can fit these healthy and nutritious meals into their weekly budget.

Primed & Ready Meals customers are truly spoiled. We not only have the gift of having Bobby Farland right by our side helping us reach our goals, but we have DELICOUS food and on top of that… Our food is delivered right to us! Primed & Ready Meals is much more convinent than running to the local Stop & Shop every few days looking for something cook. No grocery shopping, no cooking, no hassel. Just pop a meal in the microwave and you are good to go!

As a customer of Bobby Farland’s for about six months now, I have nothing but happiness with him and Primed & Ready Meals. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, be sure to speak to Bobby Farland at the next Cage Titans FC event held at Plymouth Memorial Hall on August 27, 2016. A great night of fights and a wonderful opportunity to check out the awesome deals that Primed & Ready Meals will be offering that evening! I will see you all there!

Primed & Ready Meals
Text: (774) 305-8049
Facebook: Primed & Ready Meals
Instagram: @primedandreadymeals 

My personal favorite, Italian Herb Grilled Chicken Breast, Carrots & Quinoa


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